Frequently Asked Questions - Power Automate – Get started with your connector

After having established a connection between Power Automate and ZIPPYDOC (see FAQ Power Automate – How to get credentials), you can start creating your integrated data flow. Find below examples of getting started.

A) Post a message on change of a ZIPPYDOC Table

Step 1: Add a tag to the ZIPPDOC table called “power-automate”
Step 2-4: Setup a Power-Automate Flow
  • Step 2: Select  ZIPPYDOC Trigger ON_TABLE_CHANGE trigger in Power Automate
  • Step 3: Select ZIPPYDOC Action GET TABLE BY NAME or GET TABLE BY ID in Power Automate
  • Step 4: Select the BODY of above selected Table to post it e.g. to a TEAMS channel.
Power Automate View of Step 2-4



Resulting Post



B) Run a ZIPPYDOC Transformer on a Table

  • Step 1: Select a Table within you Power Automate Flow
  • Step 2: Upload the selected table into a ZIPPYDOC Flow by Selecting UPLOAD TABLE
  • Step 3: Run the ZIPPYDOC Transformer by Selecting EXECUTE and specifying your ZIPPYDOC flow name
  • Step 4: Get the resulting table by Selecting GET TABLE BY NAME
  • Step 5: Use the transformed table in your Power Automate flow, e.g. to post it into an E-MAIL.
Compressed view of above Flow

Detail view of the single steps