Frequently Asked Questions - Is ZIPPYDOC making use of my uploaded data?

No, ZIPPYDOC neither uses user data nor does any ZIPPYDOC team member have access to it. Operations of ZIPPYDOC are fully outsourced to q.beyond, a trusted and leading operation provider. 

The user data is encrypted via SSL protocol and transmitted securely to the ZIPPYDOC backend, where it remains encrypted, and is only decrypted to run the task selected by the user. Depending on task run time, the time window in which the data exists in decrypted format can range from a few milliseconds to 6 minutes.

Furthermore, the data in decrypted format only exists in the dedicated runtime environment, and is deleted immediately after task completion. This architecture ensures the highest level of data security and protection against data theft.

This process is compliant with all data security and privacy features of Microsoft and runs on a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Please view our data protection policy here.